Meet the Dream Team

The Mydreampuff Dream Team is on a very important mission to help you dream wildly and sleep soundly. They are a quirky and colourful bunch of characters each with their own unique personality. Captain Dreamy is our fearless leader with an eye for adventure, while Sadie has the biggest heart and loves nothing more than hugs. Frankie keeps us all in fits of laughter and can often be seen spending time with our dependable Pip who provides balance for Frankie's exuberance. Princess Petunia, as sweet as fairy floss at a fair, is all rainbows and light and spreads joy wherever she goes.

Collectively they all march to the same tune and that is to create a world of awesome dreamers. The Mydreampuff Dream Team will inspire your imagination to create your own sleep time story. You will continue your adventure into your dreams and have the most beautiful sleep.

But how, you ask? Well, we are magical dreampuffs and our motto is 'dream wildly. sleep soundly.' We can hear your thoughts and see your dreams. It’s like watching a movie. We can hear what you hear, we can feel what you feel, we can smell what you smell, we can even taste the food you think about. Yummmm, that crispy apple was soooo sweet! How cool is that!

When you snuggle up with us, you will imagine your own fantastical adventures. You could imagine being a character in your favourite story or get creative and think about something that excites you. Space travel is a particular favourite of Captain Dreamy! Picture your adventure like a movie playing in your mind. Pay attention to the smells, the sounds and how it makes you feel. If you get distracted, that’s ok. Maybe turn the volume up or change what’s happening in your story. As your body relaxes and you drift off to sleep your story will continue in your dreams. Be prepared to have the most magical adventures. You will look forward to your nightly escapade and wake feeling happy and refreshed.

Hop into bed and get comfy because you are about to star in your own movie and dream your very own adventure. The best part is that we get to dream it right along with you. Yay!

Dream wildly. Sleep soundly.

Princess Petunia, Captain Dreamy, Sadie, Pip and Frankie