The Dream Team

the mydreampuff dream team is on a very important mission to help you dream wildly and sleep soundly.  they are a quirky and colourful bunch of characters each with their own unique personality.  Captain Dreamy is our fearless leader with an eye for adventure, while Sadie has the biggest heart and loves nothing more than hugs.  Frankie keeps us all in fits of laughter and can often be seen spending time with our dependable Pip who provides balance for Frankie's exuberance.  Princess Petunia, as sweet as fairy floss at a fair, is all rainbows and light and spreads joy wherever she goes.

collectively they all march to the same tune and that is to create a world of awesome dreamers.  the mydreampuff dream team will inspire your imagination to create your own sleep time story.  you will continue your adventure into your dreams and have the most beautiful sleep.