why my dream puff?

  • establishes a sleep time routine

  • introduces the concept of self guided 'happy imagery'

  • promotes relaxation and sleep

  • encourages a child's imagination

  • improves creativity and problem solving ability

  • creates an association between the dream puff, imagination, relaxation and sleep 

  • 100% created and handmade in Australia with love

  • feel good supporting local business 

  • our positive energy comes free with every dream puff 

    'When you dream, you are free…to be the things you want to be. When you dream, you are free…to see the things you want to see. Sometimes in my dreams I fly, through the starry, starry sky. When I see the moon I laugh, it’s a great big bed for the tall giraffe.'

    'As children thoroughly relax and the line between asleep and awake fades, their visualizations may gradually transform into dreams.'  Patti Teel

    a dream puff is 'tool' used to create an association between an object, imagination and sleep. whilst any comforting toy or object could be used, creating this connection for a child with a purpose specific toy can strengthen the concept. it also encourages your child to become part of the mydreampuff community and share their 'sleep time stories' with us where they will be published on our blog.
    submit stories to mydreampuff@bigpond.com

    plus dream puffs are super cute!