Our Mission

We are on a mission to create a world of glorious dreamers! Mydreampuff is a 'mindfulness tool' which introduces children to the concept of creative visualisation in a fun and engaging way, helping transition from wakefulness to sleep. In this form of self guided meditation, your child imagines a story playing in their mind. As they relax into slumber their very clever brains will continue their story into a dream state. They are effectively directing their own dreams! Health benefits and improved learning outcomes from mindful meditation are immense and what's best is that you're empowering your child with a valuable skill they will continue to benefit from for life. Having this purposeful 'tool' keeps the concept alive and can serve as a useful reminder to children to start creating their own dreams.  

Meet Your Dream Team


'When you dream, you are free…to be the things you want to be. When you dream, you are free…to see the things you want to see. Sometimes in my dreams I fly, through the starry, starry sky. When I see the moon I laugh, it’s a great big bed for the tall giraffe.' Patti Teel